La Mercedes SLS s’envole

Le lancement de la luxueuse Mercedes SLS a déjà engendré deux campagnes alternatives en France et au Brésil.
Le nouveau véhicule de la firme allemande s’attaque désormais au marché canadien sur un support originellement traditionnel. Mais à voiture exceptionnelle, moyens exceptionnels : deux billboards appartenant à la régie publicitaire Astral ont été entièrement désossés afin de laisser leur place à la seule silhouette de la SLS.
Cette campagne d’affichage alternatif permet de mettre en avant le principal signe distinctif du véhicule : ses portes papillon.

source : Astral + merci à Jérôme

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  1. bella ikpasaja 09 Août 2010 à 10:59

    Sorry, doesn’t work for me on any level. It certainly wouldn’t make me want to buy this mercedes model even if I love the brand and consider its engineering super. Mercedes is a luxury brand and I fear this out-of-home ‘juxtapose’ ad cheapens it and for me fails to do the job of selling the (gullwing) feature of the car. No good having an ad concept that doesn’t meet the objective: ie ‘make the product appealing so people want to buy it’.

    It’d be useful to hear other consumers’ points of view.

  2. @ Bella
    I can agree on you if we talk about the production; materials, graphics, maybe even location looks like a bit cheapened. For sure a better work on realization side would have made this a better one. And by the way, let me tell you, MB really do not need to advertise SLS for sale purposes: it’s a supercar, a dream, a desire. Most of the people who will see this ad and any other SLS ad won’t buy a 200.000 euro car, but will look at the brand in a renewed way.

  3. Pierre Ayroles 11 Août 2010 à 15:10

    I agree on both of you.

    @Moja, You can look at the brand in another renewed way here : (also for the SLS)

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